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Fall is one of my favorite seasons, along with winter, spring and summer. Each season has its own benefits and things to enjoy. For me, fall is the time for making crafts. There isn’t as much to do in the garden, the busy season of harvesting and canning is over, the evening comes earlier so we spend more time inside, and the cooler weather inspires me to make some changes in my home. Making fall crafts is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Balls of yarn sitting on top of fall leaves with text overlay.

The slower months of fall is the perfect time to learn new crafts or teach others crafts you know. It’s so important that we teach the next generation the skills we know or are learning. It doesn’t have to be complicated or frustrating; just take your time and enjoy the process.

Most of these crafts use items that are easily found around your home or property. We also have a craft supplies and resource page with links to products we recommend.

Fall Crafts for the Entire Family

Highlight the autumn season and use all the gifts from the earth's abundance in these fun crafts for the whole family to enjoy.

Fall Crafts for Kids

Let the kids of all ages get in on the fun with these easy and fun fall projects. Though, honestly, these are great for adults too so don't be shy in jumping in.

Fall Craft Projects with Yarn

For the knitter or crocheter these projects are sure to keep you warm and cozy as the leaves fall outside.

Wood Crafts

Whether you're an experienced woodworker or someone who just wants to play with branches, you're sure to find a fall project or two here to inspire and keep your hands busy.

Weaving Fall Crafts

These woven projects are as useful as they are beautiful and can be done by inexperienced and advanced weavers alike.

Balls of yarn sitting on top of fall leaves with gloves and old book includes text overlay
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