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DIY Easy Knit Hooded Scarf with Video and Free Pattern

I’m a sucker for hoods. If it has a hood, there’s a good chance I’ll love it. This easy knit hooded scarf is one of my favorite projects not only to knit, but to wear too!

DIY Knit Hooded Scarf with Free Pattern

The Garter stitch pattern uses the basic knit stitch which makes this scarf a great project for beginners and lifetime knitters alike. When I first started knitting, VeryPink Knits on YouTube was my go to “how to.” Her videos are bright and easy to follow. I suggest starting with her “Long Tail Cast-On” video.

Knitting Lingo

“K1” means to knit one stitch (or however many the number is).

“RS” is right side, typically the side that will face outward.

“WS” is wrong side, meaning the inside of the piece of clothing.

Knit Hooded Scarf

I started with a medium #4 yarn from Lion Brand Yarns (a lovely “Great Smoky Mountains”) and my good ol’ #10 needles. It took me close to 700 yards of yarn.

Cast on 35 stitches. (I like wide scarves.)

Garter stitch until the scarf is 35”-40” long.

The Hood

Here’s the fun part. Choose your “right side” and “wrong side”.

RS: K34, M1, K1

“M1” means to make a new stitch in your row.

WS: K1, M1, K to the end.

Continue this pattern until there is only one stitch left, make one, knit one on the right side; and knit one, make one, knit until the end on the wrong side pattern until you have gone from 35 stitches wide, to 55 stitches wide. Make sure you keep adding your new stitches to the same edge of the scarf. This makes a nice back to the hood.

Once you have 55 stitches, continue the Garter stitch until it is about 20 inches long (from start of the full 55 stitches).

DIY Knit Hooded Scarf

At this point you need to start decreasing stitches, one row at a time. Again, try to keep your decreases at the back of the hood (the same side you increased on), to keep the back symmetrical.  For this, I used the “Knit 2 Together.”

Finishing the Scarf

Once you are back down to 35 stitches, continue the Garter stitch until this side of the scarf is 35”-40” long (however long you made the first side).

Once this is complete, cast off and weave in your ends.

With a darning needle, sew up the back of the hood using a Mattress Stitch. Here’s a great video how to.

Fold the scarf in half and start the Mattress Stitch at the top point of the back of the hood. Continue the stitch down the hood to where your scarf is 35 stitches and tie off. Don’t forget to weave in your ends!

Like I said, I love hoods and I am so happy how this one came out! Hope you enjoy it too! I’d love to see pictures of your finished product, or if you have any questions and need some help, come on over to the Rootsy Facebook Group!

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DIY Knit Hooded Scarf with Free Pattern!
Great for learning or long time knitters, this DIY Knit Hooded Scarf is a fun project! Get the Free Pattern today! – Rootsy

Thanks for sharing!


Tuesday 14th of September 2021

Hello, love this hooded scarf. My friend (non-knitter) found a yarn she LOVES and asked me to knit a hooded scarf. Problem is the yarn is fingering! I can do most of the conversions but was wondering if you could tell me the inches of your cast on edge (35 sts) and the hood section (55 sts). Thank you for your help... Jill


Wednesday 15th of September 2021

@Amanda Idlewild, Thank you. So just be clear...It is 15 inches in width total from edge to edge (including scarf rectangle) or in additional to the 9 inches of scarf width ?

Amanda Idlewild

Tuesday 14th of September 2021

It's roughly 9 inches at the cast on edge and 15 at the top of the hood. Hope that helps!


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