Cover of a year of fermented food ebook

Create healthy and delicious snacks and side dishes for every season with A Year of Fermented Food. Includes 12 recipes broken out by seasonal produce with easy to follow instructions. $6.97

The cover of the Rootsy Guide to Gifting Cookies

Get 13 cookies recipes and ideas for packaging them for everyone on your list. $4.97

Fall and Winter Gardening Ebook Cover.

Get tips and tricks including planting information and seed guidance for all your fall and winter gardening adventures in a way that will help you skip the overwhelm. $4.97

Gain confidence in foraging for food & medicine with this easy guide to common wild plants found in backyards. $4.97

Bowls of herbs on a table with text overlay.

Get the most out of your homegrown and foraged herbs with these easy and tasty preservation methods that will keep you in homegrown goodness all year long $4.97

Build your garden soil by composting food and yard scraps with the help of tiny red wiggler worms. E-course includes printables & video. $4.99


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