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Free DIY Yard Stick Planting Guide

Stop wasting seeds and time by over-planting seeds and having to later thin out seedlings to be tossed away. Use this easy-to-make yard stick planting guide and you’ll have perfectly planted gardens bursting with a delicious harvest.

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A yardstick with holes drilled in it surrounded by seed packets and garden gloves with text overlay stating: yardstick planting guide.

It’s all too easy to drop way too many seeds when you’re dealing with teeny-tiny seeds and then it’s absolutely heartbreaking when you have to pull the little extra seedlings out and toss them aside.

  • Get the DIY plans for free
  • Easy to make
  • Get a perfectly spaced garden

At Rootsy, we know you want to become the best gardener you can be with a beautiful and abundant garden. This means having a garden with plants spaced out orderly to help ensure the best possible harvest without overcrowding. This yard stick planting guide will easily assist you in laying out your seeds and seedlings. So what are you waiting for? Sign up, get the plans right in your inbox, easily build your guide, and start planting your beautiful garden today!

(As long as the weather is cooperating with you…)

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