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15 Recipes that Start with a White Cake Mix

There comes a time when we all need a dessert in a hurry and we need it to be simple to pull together. Enter those jars of homemade white cake mix sitting in the pantry!

Whether you’re looking for a simple cake variation or something a bit more fancy or even some cookies we’ve got you covered in this list of easy recipes featuring simple white cake mix.

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Homemade or Store Bought

While all of the following recipes could easily be made a box of cake mix from the grocery store – we’re bigger fans of making our own homemade white cake mix.

Homemade cake mixes are very easy to make and quite frugal, meaning they can be a scratch cook’s best friend.

A Mix But Still From Scratch

While many boxed cake mix recipes call for other boxed ingredients like instant puddings, a can of soda, or other processed ingredients, we believe that your homemade mix can easily be added to creations free of over-processed ingredients.

The best part is that these recipes can be made from simple ingredients and even feature things like your homemade jams, canned fruits, dried fruits, and more.

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The Best White Cake Mix Recipes

Bake up a quick and easy dessert using some white cake mix with these delightful recipes that range from simple 3-ingredient cookies to gorgeous layer cakes and everything in between. You're sure to find a delicious dessert for any occasion here. 

White Cake Mix Cookies

Just because the label says 'cake' doesn't mean it can't be used to whip up some delicious and easy cookies to have for quick treats to soothe a sweet tooth.

Cake Recipes

Grab your cake pans and cupcake liners to use your mix in easy ways for a number of wonderful flavor variatons. Start with the simple dry ingredients and build a delicious recipe for every season and occasion. 

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