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Thrift Store Finds for Fall Hygge Décor

The Fall Season just begs for cozy- cozy socks, blankets, lighting, food, and drinks. Use your local thrift store finds for decorating your home for Fall with hygge décor (cozy!) in mind and you’ll be more than ready for the change of season.

Thrift Store Finds for Fall Hygge Decor leaf hanging

Good thrift store finds really does take a certain level of dedication. It’s true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but let’s be real, sometimes you may have to sift through some really awful trash. Which does in turn, make that treasure all that much better.

I typically haunt my local thrift store once a week. I peruse the kitchen, household, furniture, and book sections. Occasionally I’ll take a peek through the seasonal section too. Of course, this all depends on how your local store is set up. My number one tip for good thrift store finds is


Spending money on something you really don’t need or want just because it’s cheap doesn’t save you any money in the long run.

Some of the best things to look for at your local thrift store are candle holders, decorative plates, specialty cups or dishes, baskets, and sometimes blankets or quilts. Go in with a plan. If you’re looking for Fall decor, keep colors and shapes in mind. If you find a pretty nature statue that’s hideous colors, remember that spray paint can work! A simple can of dried chili pepper red or even a soft cream can give small knick-knacks a new life. Paint really can be the saving grace for a lot of thrift store finds.

Keep the “rules of hygge” decor in mind both when hunting for great finds and decorating your home for Fall.

Set out all the candles

I’ve found some perfect candle holders at our local thrift store. I actually have yet to buy any candle holder full price. Every single one I own has either been a gift or a great find. Hygge always uses lots of candles, so grab a couple of fall scented candles or just some plain white ones on pretty holders or plates.

Think wool blankets

I jump for joy every time I find a wool blanket in a thrift store. They can be so incredibly expensive when purchased new, so finding one at $25 makes me squeal. Blanket ladders should be full of Fall color and wool blankets right now, just waiting for you to curl up with them and a good book.

Bring Nature Inside

The leaves are so gorgeous this time of year. Use them in your decor! A vase with branches covered in yellow, orange, or red leaves will look beautiful in the vase you found last week. (Thrift stores seem to ALWAYS be full of vases.)

Pinecone under a glass cover

Surround yourself with those you love

Keep an eye out for picture frames at the thrift store. I’ve found tons that either matched my home decor as is, or just needed a quick touch of paint. Refresh your walls and shelves with old and new pics of your loved ones for a whole new look.

Use that Autumn glow

Give your windows a wash and let that evening sunlight stream in before the shorter days really hit. It’s a bit of a harder find for me, but I’ve found the best curtains at a thrift store. Be sure to get outside for some backyard foraging and enjoy that Fall crispness too!

Enjoy the Fall Baked Goods

And of course hygge includes getting in the kitchen and filling the house with the glorious smells of home baked goodies. Cakes and cookies and of course all things pumpkin spice!

What are some of your favorite thrift store finds?

Fall hygge blankets

Thanks for sharing!