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Teacher Spotlight: Tammy Trayer of Trayer WIlderness

Self-Reliance is of great interest to our community, in fact in one form or another, it’s what Rootsy is all about.

This month, we are honored to present a teacher whose experience, and downright cheerfulness, will highlight the work, challenges, and joy needed to be self-reliant, and have fun doing it. Tammy Trayer is an author, writer, and radio show host. She lives a traditional off-grid life with her family and is passionate about teaching others to live off the land, learn wilderness survival, and be self-reliant too.

Rootsy has all the information you’re looking for!

There’s no need for you to search through online articles or videos and wonder if the information you’re getting is correct or safe. Here at Rootsy we are firm believers in returning to the basics and simple living of homesteading the right way.

Whether it’s canning foods, learning herbal remedies, being sure your family is prepared for an emergency, or keeping backyard chickens, Rootsy has what you need! Become a Rootsy Member today and get access to classes, printables, ebooks, webinars, and the Homesteading Library, which is chock-full of all the information you need to live a more self-sufficient life!


Teacher spotlight - Tammy from Trayer Wilderness. If you are looking for a teacher with an upbeat attitude in an off-grid lifestyle, Tammy is it!

What ebook are you contributing to Rootsy this  month?   

How To Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle:  Our Journey & A Step By Step Look At The Lifestyle

Are you unsure of what it means to live off-grid? You’ve heard all kinds of stories and just don’t know what to expect? Are you looking to be more self-sufficient or truly desire to live the dream of freedom?

Blogger and off-grid homesteader Tammy Trayer shares her life and that of her family hoping to inspire faith and freedom into the hearts of readers. She and her family lived in an 8′ x 14′ canvas wall tent for 8 1/2 months while they built their off-grid home on raw wilderness land with no utilities.

She strives to debunk off-grid living and help people fully understand the pros and cons of living an off-grid lifestyle by sharing her story and the ins and outs of off-grid living. You will find information shared on every aspect of of-grid living:

  • their solar system and other alternative energy options 
  • reliable companies, appliances, and tools used on their homestead
  • their choice of generator and large appliances
  • hacks to save energy
  • homesteading with special needs children
  • a look at a typical day on the homestead and more.

Additionally, you will have access to many resources, printable pages and downloadable information from her website. You would care to pay a visit to to understand the depth of the seriouness of the global warming issue that’s been threatening mankind for decades. 

Give us a taste of your course/ebook… What will students walk away with?

5 Ways To Cultivate A Preparedness Mindset

In this course, I provide 5 easy steps to help create not just a preparedness mindset, but a preparedness lifestyle. There are examples shared of how our preparedness lifestyle has helped us with some unexpected events on our homestead. You will receive solid advice from someone who practice what she preaches and lives out an extremely prepared life.

You will walk away with inspiration, encouragement and a handout that will help you to immediately put into place what you have learned and a basis to continuously improve your preparedness levels moving forward.

Tammy often uses the hashtag #PositivelyEncouraging, which really sums her up!

What aspects of preparedness are you most interested in?

Honestly, that is a hard one to answer. We focus on it all and enjoy it all equally. We have seen the benefits to every aspect of preparedness and use it daily. We have modern day preparedness knowledge followed by traditional and then primitive skills, so that no matter what our circumstances we would be knowledgeable, and have a level of preparedness to move us forward.

Any other areas of homesteading or simple living about which you are passionate?

One of the biggest things I would say that I am passionate about is after the hard work is completed and you focus daily on all levels of preparedness, it is important to let your hair down and remember to have fun.

Through the fun you become more aware of the blessings on your homestead, are able to work more focused and have more productivity and your life will be healthier because you are taking time for you to do something that gives you joy.  

What was your inspiration or push for this lifestyle?

Freedom… Freedom… Freedom…. We wanted a life that we could raise our son traditionally and create our own wholesome environment away from the crazy mixed up world that we live in. We have succeeded in so many ways. The blessings and reward of this lifestyle are our bonuses!

Additionally, our lifestyle has allowed us to be prepared for whatever may lie ahead and enabled us to be extremely less dependent on society than the average man. It is a place we should all try to be.

How did you pick up your prepping skills?

The prepping skills for both my husband and I, have been learned throughout our lives. We both grew up on farms and our families were both fairly traditional in their ways, but we also are sponges for knowledge and learn something new everyday and focus on continued learning.

Our son’s homeschooling and life has been made up of us sharing our roots and knowledge with him to prepare him for his future. The more he knows how to take care of himself in any situation the better off he will be. We should all be focusing on learning new skills all the time – it is good for the brain and extremely important for our futures!

We grew up learning many traditional skills and both my husband and I were in the wilds any chance we were able. We embraced our off-grid homesteading lifestyle in 2010 and will NEVER look back. We educate on our lifestyle and love encouraging others to also embrace their dreams!

What’s your best piece of advice for a beginning prepper? How does one avoid overwhelm when getting back to their roots?

Take one day at a time and don’t try to do too many things at one time! I have given you many suggestions throughout my class to help you avoid overwhelm. Focus on one task at a time and the worksheets that I have provided will help you to focus on some of the most important aspects to getting started.

Organization and focus helps greatly as well.

If you could give just one piece of advice on your preparedness pursuits, what would it be?

“The Best Things In Life Happen On The Other Side Of Your Comfort Zone!” Tammy Trayer

My husband and I refer to ourselves as EMBRACERS. We refuse to leave any stones unturned and embrace our dreams. Fear is what holds everyone back and is the main cause for regret in most people’s lives! Don’t be afraid to embrace your dreams and take small baby steps to make them happen or if you are like my husband and I – you might choose to jump when there is no ladder and trust the outcome! Don’t procrastinate, start today… Slow and steady wins the race…

How can you find Tammy Trayer?

Blog Address:  Trayer Wilderness
Facebook page
Twitter handle:  @trayerwildernes
Instagram handle:  @trayerwilderness
Pinterest page:
iTunes page:
Her Book : Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle 
Mountain Woman Radio: 

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We hope you will consider joining us here at Rootsy as you continue learning your self-reliant lifestyle. We are here to help!

Teacher spotlight - Tammy from Trayer Wilderness. If you are looking for a teacher with an upbeat attitude in an off-grid lifestyle, Tammy is it!




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