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Get to Know Jami from An Oregon Cottage

This Month’s Teacher Spotlight

Self-Reliance is of great interest to our community, in fact in one form or another, it’s what Rootsy is all about.

This month, we are honored to present a teacher whose experience and background will highlight the work, challenges, and joy needed to be self-reliant, and have fun doing it. Jami Boys is a master at transforming used items into useful items and she shares her love of DIY on her website An Oregon Cottage.

Teacher Spotlight: Jami at An Oregon Cottage |

She lives in the green, lovely, and often rainy Pacific Northwest with her husband and two children where you will often find her baking bread, creating a floor from paper and glue, or growing vegetables and canning them – and then sharing all she’s’ learned with her readers. Jami says that she’s happiest creating recipes and transforming old stuff into something new and then photographing it to share with us.

Jami has had projects featured in Cottages and Bungalows and Old House Journal magazines as well as numerous online sites like Money Saving Mom, Huffington Post, and Apartment Therapy. She shares all this while attempting to live simply and embrace everyday life. We think you’ll find she does a great job!

Meet Jami Boys…

What ebook are you contributing to Rootsy? Give us a brief outline.

This month Jami is sharing two great titles: 21 Inspiring Thrift Store Transformations AND 20 More Inspiring Thrift Store Transformations.

Second-hand shoppers or shopper wannabe’s that go to thrift stores or flea markets and wander the aisles, overwhelmed by all the choices will find help to navigate the stores as well as lots of how-to’s for turning your finds into new and useful items in the Thrift Store Transformations eBooks.

In addition to the many inspiring projects you’ll find in the eBooks, you’ll also see how shopping secondhand can help you to save money, find unique items, discover actual antiques and treasures, give new life to cast-off items (the ultimate in recycling), and give back through charity shops.

Oh, and you’ll also probably discover like my husband and I did that it’s fun! We’ve had many “dates” that were spent combing through second-hand stores and one of our favorite things to do when traveling is to find the local thrift store. Even your souvenirs can be unique!

Specifically, in both Inspiring Thrift Store Transformations eBooks, I share:

  • tips to navigate the tons of stuff you’ll find
  • ideas about what to look for
  • how having a mental ‘list’ can streamline your shopping
  • how to look at thrifted items in new and different ways – to see beyond their current condition or even what they were initially intended for – with detailed projects that turn those items into beautiful and useful gifts and decor.

What was your inspiration or push for this lifestyle?

Originally DIY and repurposing projects were a way to have a look I wanted when I couldn’t afford new or to hire others. After just awhile, it became more than a “just do it” mentality. It became a way to flex my creative muscles, to have unique items for decor and gifts, and to get that thrill when you’ve turned something previously unused into something useful and beautiful.

How did you pick up your upcycling skills?

I’m a self-taught “upcycler” and DIYer, learning a lot through library books and magazines before the internet became the place to find that information.

What’s your best piece of advice for a beginning upcycler?

Don’t be afraid to try – perfection isn’t required! Also, try not to equate secondhand with inferior. Many times buying secondhand has enabled me to have things I’d never be able to afford new. And creating gifts with them isn’t “cheap” – it’s art. I know for a fact people will LOVE it, so go for it!

Where did you gain your knowledge/experience in this field?

By doing it – trial and error is a great teacher!

You can find Jami at these links: On her website: An Oregon Cottage – On Facebook – TwitterInstagramPinterest. Be sure to visit some of her popular posts, listed below.

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Teacher Spotlight: Jami at An Oregon Cottage |

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