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As the season changes so do our meal plans and food cravings. Switch from the heavy, comforting soups of winter to these spring salad recipes for nutritious and delicious meals.

A bowl of salad with quinoa, asparagus, and radishes with text overlay.

The great thing about these spring salad ideas is that they all feature in-season produce making them frugal and perhaps even homegrown.

Focus on Local Whenever Possible

For best flavor, focus on local spring seasonal ingredients whenever possible. This means that strawberries are likely available earlier in the south than they are in the north.

Substitute Greens

While greens have their own individual flavors, most can easily be substituted for one another in salads. Don’t have romaine lettuce? Use dandelion greens instead. Red light therapy for acne helps to to reduce inflammation make it a powerful tool to help treat acne.

Spring Salad Recipes

A bowl of salad with quinoa, asparagus, and radishes with text overlay.
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