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Make Your Own Pantry Staples

A bowl with herbs inside surrounded by dried herbs, lemons, another bowl of salt and a towel with the words Rootsy Foundational Workshop Pantry Staples overlayed on top.

It’s easy & frugal!

Finding simple and flavorful basics on the grocery stores shelves can sometimes be a problem. Things are in short supply and the items that are on the shelves aren’t always the most ideal versions – full of artificial everything and preservatives we can’t even pronounce

But making suitable replacements for things like salad dressings, basic baking ingredients, condiments and more can seem time consuming and overwhelming.

3 jars of milk products lined up on a piece of burlap with tags labeling them in front stating: buttermilk substitute, sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk.

The thing is –

that’s a marketing lie.

Grocery store pantry supplies are a fairly modern invention and all of it can be made at home.

We’ve been there.

We’ve wanted to have basic and flavorful supplies on hand, but the ‘gourmet’ versions are expensive and the generic brands might be frugal but also full of ingredients we didn’t want to feed our families. Through trial and error and plenty of experimentation, we learned how to make them at home.

It’s through those experiences and tried and true recipes and methods that led us to create this Foundational Workshop to teach you just how to make your own pantry staples at home!

Broken up into 5 lessons, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Make baking supplies like brown sugar, cake flour, and baking powder
  2. Whip up tasty salad dressings
  3. Mix together your own seasonings
  4. Replace canned milk products with homemade versions
  5. Create your own mayonnaise and mustards

All of the lessons can be watched, read, and put into practice in less than 30 minutes. Meaning, you can actually get into the kitchen and work – not watch endless hours of videos.

We want you to do what you need for your family and made sure to put this together in a way that makes it easy to do, not just learn about doing.

The course is only $37 and includes videos, printable recipes, and more! You just need your kitchen, some basic ingredients (like salt and sugar), and simple kitchen tools to get started.

No more last minute runs to the grocery store for pantry basics!

Get this added bonus too!

And because we want you to put your pantry staples experience to good use and find ways to share your kitchen creations with those you love, we’re sharing our Guide to Gifting Cookies E-book as part of the course!

The cover of the Rootsy Guide to Gifting Cookies

Get immediate access to the course today for $37!

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