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Join Rootsy to Make those 2017 Goals Come True

Rootsy is opening its doors on January 1st! If 2017 is the year in which you want to get organized, do some gardening, raise backyard chickens, get involved with a simple living and DIY community, and build the foundation of the life you most want to achieve, then join Rootsy this month and be ready to begin on New Year’s Day!

Join Rootsy to make your simple living goals a reality.

Organize All the Things

Want to organize your garden, homestead, finances, homeschool, and more? We’ve got you covered in January with resources like:

Homestead Management Printables – Not only do you get a pdf download with a seed planting schedule, calendar pages for 2017, record-keeping blanks for everything from livestock to bees and everything in between, but you’ll also get a video from the creator explaining exactly how she uses it and how you can make the most of yours too.

Get Out of Debt Webinar – Follow Shelle’s method for paying down responsibly and keeping track of those finances with worksheets and a well- explained plan that even the most non-financial folks will understand. Make this the year that the budget sets you free rather than holds you back!

Keep the Family Fed – Meal plans aren’t restrictive or meant to ruin creativity in the kitchen, but rather a method for keeping the food budget in line with the actual checking account balance, and a way to keep everyone fed without stress. Our e-course and worksheets will get you on a path that makes meal time more enjoyable and healthier for everyone.

Set Attainable Goals – Skip making resolutions that get dropped by the end of January. Instead, create a vision that fits best with your priorities in a fun and creative vision board activity.

Teaching at Home – Organize your homeschool for effective, fun, and less stressful education for the students and the teachers with our e-course and printables.

Read and Declutter Together – We’ll be having a special members only book discussion on KonMari and look forward to sharing ideas and decluttering together in our member only forums.

Join Rootsy to make your simple living goals a reality.

Get the Garden Growing

In February we’re covering gardening with these topics:

Natural Soil Building – You’ve had your soil tested but now what? Our e-course and charts will teach you how to build your soil with natural amendments based on those soil test results.

Worm Composting – Our webinar teaches you how to set up a worm bin, what and how to feed the worms, how to collect the compost, and finally how to use it most effectively in your garden and pots.

The Garden Notebook – Keep track of your garden and how things are growing with a printable garden notebook that gives you space to write about your own experiences while also finding information on how to grow and deal with many issues inside the pages.

Permaculture Tour – Take a tour of a small, backyard permaculture garden and learn how to apply those principles to your own garden spaces for growing food in any size garden.

Storing Food – Now that you’re growing food, how do you store it? Our e-course will show you how one very experienced homesteader does it, while also explaining how you can do it too!

A Live Question & Answer SessionThe Rootsy founders, all experienced gardeners and homesteaders, will join the members for a fun and live interactive question and answer session. The goal: to get you on the path towards personal gardening success.

Raise Your Own Eggs

Gather farm fresh eggs from your own backyard with our March content:

Permaculture Chickens – Over 2 hours of video on raising chickens designed to get you started and keep you going.

Differing View Points – We have a webinar from two experienced chicken keepers who will explain their differing viewpoints and give you tons of information to make wise and informed decisions for your own backyard flock.

Patio Raptors Ebook – Read about an urban homesteaders experience with raising chickens in the city. The author shares experiences and adventures to help you raise chickens that are a productive joy to have in the backyard.

Bonuses & Extras

Every month, members at Rootsy will be treated to coloring pages, printables, and more! Members get a ‘dashboard’ full of useful information about each month’s topic and selected other pieces to help make all those simple living dreams come true. There will be occasional discounts and promotions as well.

There are public forums for general discussion at Rootsy. There are also special private member only forums where we can dig deep into the monthly topics together, find support, share success, and generally connect with people following a similar path in life.

We are taking 100 beta members at a special rate of only $30 for the first three months!

Join us now!

Join Rootsy to make your simple living goals a reality.


Thanks for sharing!


Tuesday 31st of January 2017

Love the concept! Have you considered a different business model? Possibly free basic access and different levels? Or advertisements ? Nobody loves them.. But it is better than paying a monthly due.

Kathie Lapcevic

Tuesday 31st of January 2017

We, of course, considered many different models. There will be no ads on Rootsy.

The blog will continue to have posts at no cost for readers to enjoy and from which to learn. There are forums that are open to the public, though members do have a special members-only area. Please feel free to go register over at forums and interact:

As you can see there are plenty of ways to interact without becoming a member, however; members get special privileges and rightly so for the classes, ebooks and more on their dashboard.

adrienne e errickson

Wednesday 11th of January 2017

I was excited to go through this website. But I just can't afford an extra $10 anywhere in my budget.

Shelle Wells

Friday 13th of January 2017

We understand Adrienne. Stay tuned for awesome free content and keep working on that budget! It will all come together.


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