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Free Safely Canning Jam and Jellies E-book

Home canning can sometimes be confusing

Do you want more than plain strawberry jam or raspberry jelly this year? Are you not completely sure you’re canning jams and jellies the safe and correct way? Are you confused by all the different canning methods found on the internet? Just because Grandma did it one way, doesn’t mean she was safely canning jam…

an open jar of jar sitting on a blue cloth surrounded by fresh berries and green herbs.


Become confident in your canning skills knowing you’re using the safest methods.


Get new recipes that will blow the traditional go-to’s out of the water!


Use these beautiful labels to never forget what’s in each delicious jar!

We know how it feels to be overwhelmed by all the canning methods and how-to’s out there. So we became certified a Master Food Preserver to make sure we’re sharing the safest and best methods and recipes with you.

Start Safely Canning Jam and Jelly today!

A piece of toast spread with butter, a spoon full of jam sitting on top surrounded by fresh berries and an open jar of jam.
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