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Rootsy’s May Membership content is all about Preparedness. One easy way to make your family more prepared for unexpected situations or natural disasters is to have a well-stocked pantry. Even if you’re just having a hectic week, it’s nice to know that you can count on the ingredients in your pantry, freezer, and fridge to put together a quick, nutritious dinner. Among my favorite foods to keep stocked in the pantry are dried beans. Beans are inexpensive, a great source of protein, and easy to prepare with just a bit of advance planning. Best of all, they are incredibly versatile, as you will discover in this delicious collection of dried bean recipes.

Dried Bean Recipes from your pantry for preparedness |

Dried Bean Basics

It’s incredibly fun and a great step in the direction of preparedness to grow drying beans for food security. Here’s a great collection of heirloom bean varieties to grow in your garden!

It’s not difficult to learn how to cook dried beans, but it does take a bit of advance planning and preparation. Some people choose to pressure can their dried beans so they are as convenient to use as canned beans from the store.

Sausage Lentil Soup recipe from Attainable Sustainable

Sausage Lentil Soup from Attainable Sustainable

Dried Bean Soups and Stews

In my opinion, this is where beans really shine, making soups and stews more hearty, filling, and nutritious.

Lentils are delicious and very easy to prepare, requiring no advance soaking. Try a Sausage Lentil Soup or a Hearty Lentil Soup as standalone meals paired with a green salad.

A fun variation on tacos is this kid-approved Taco Soup.

White Bean Chili and Black Bean Soup are two classics. I find that this kind of soup freezes exceptionally well, making them great “leftovers” choices.

And finally, this Beans with Bacon and Kale soup sounds amazing!!  I mean, you had me at bacon!

Green Garlic Hummus Recipe

Green Garlic Hummus with Green Garbanzo Beans from Farm Fresh Feasts


Hummus is a dip or spread that is made with garbanzo beans (chick peas), olive oil, tahini, garlic, and salt. I first became addicted to hummus when I worked at a Middle Eastern restaurant in college. Later, I learned how easy and inexpensive it is to make your own hummus at home with just a few ingredients and a food processor. I like to cook a large batch of garbanzo beans and freeze some of them in quart mason jars for future use.

Here are a few variations on the classic hummus recipe:

Green Garlic Hummus with Green Garbanzo Beans is full of flavor and zest with the addition of young, green garlic bulbs, and this Garlic Scape Hummus uses the flower stalks of hardneck garlic to pack a flavor punch!

If you’re looking for a Mexican twist, give this Spicy Chipotle Hummus recipe a try, perhaps pairing it with corn tortillas instead of pita bread.

Bean Side Dishes

Dried beans cook up into delicious side dishes as well as main courses. For instance, these Brown Beans and Pork and Southern Ham and Beans recipes would be the perfect addition to a vegetarian main entree.

Or if your evening meal has a Mexican flair, pair your entree with some homemade refried beans. You’ll be delighted to learn how easy it is to make them at home, especially if you use an Instant Pot. (Amazon link:

And finally, who doesn’t love homemade baked beans, either prepared with lots of herbs and a dried red chili kick, or slow cooked with molasses and bacon?

Black bean brownies without grain or sugar.

Fudgy flourless black bean brownie bites from Health, Home & Happiness


What? Beans in dessert? If you are a skeptic, try one of these delicious desserts that feature dried beans as the main ingredient. I guarantee you will come back for seconds!

Have a hankering for a brownie, but can’t tolerate grains? Try these Fudgy Flourless Black Bean Brownie Bites. You’ll be surprised to learn that they are also sugar-free!! Guilt-free dessert!

If you prefer to avoid dairy in your diet, but love the sweet creaminess of ice cream, try this Strawberry White Bean Ice Cream recipe.

And the most amazing of all, four different ways to make fudge with dried beans!!


Consider filling up your pantry with a variety of dried beans next time you place a bulk food order or hit the grocery store. Or add dried beans to your garden plan. Beans store beautifully in the pantry and give you the comforting feeling of knowing that no matter what emergency or unexpected situation might arise, you can fill your family’s belly with one of these delicious and hearty dried bean recipes.

What is your favorite dried bean recipe? Please share it in the comments below!

Dried bean recipes from your pantry for preparedness |

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