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Creative Cookie Packaging for Delicious Gift Giving

Homemade cookies are always a welcome gift but we can make it even more special with creative cookie packaging.

chocolate cookies in a red tin with white snowflakes and text overlay.

How to wrap cookies for gift giving will depend on the occasion and how those gifts will be given. Mailing cookies needs special care versus hand delivering a tin or basket full.

Homemade cookies come in a variety of flavors and thankfully we can give them all in beautiful ways that our loved ones will enjoy even more.

Use these simple packaging ideas for Christmas, birthdays, housewarmings, and more.

The Basic Cookie Tin

The ever present cookie tin is a classic for a reason. A tin is an easy way to put cookies of different types together easily.

Look for frugal tins at thrift stores and yard sales. Simply give the a thorough cleaning before filling.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with filling an entire tin with one type of cookie. This is a great idea for giving someone you know their very favorite type of cookie in large amounts.

chocolate cookies in a red tin with white snowflakes.

If you want to give a variety of cookies, tins are great ways to do that as well. Layer cookies in tins by simply stacking them on top of each other in neat rows.

Use cupcake liners as a way to keep cookies together and from touching one another in the tin.

Include a key in the lid of the tin so folks can pick and choose cookies based on their favorites.

Fill empty spaces in the cookie with dried fruits, nuts, or hard candies to give the tin a decorative and more edible touch.

The Gift Basket

Give loved ones a variety of cookies and other bits by combining everything into a gift basket or box.

Combine pumpkin cookies with coffee, a travel mug, and pumpkin pie spice for the pumpkin spice latte fan in your life.

Give a favorite book, a handmade candle, and some lemon shortbread cookies to the homebody.

Simply wrap cookies in plastic or cellophane bags and stack them in the baskets for ease. Tie ribbons or attach bows to the bags for festive and yet simple touch.

Attach pretty labels to the cookies and if the recipient also likes to bake give them the recipe.

The Mailed Care Package

When mailing cookies, choose hearty, thick cookies over thin, brittle cookies. This will increase the chances that cookies will arrive to their destination mostly whole.

cookies and toys in a box ready to be mailed.

Be sure to package cookies in boxes in ways to protect them from too many bumps and drops.

Shredded newspaper works great as does just wadding the newspaper up tightly. There’s no need to buy expensive packaging supplies. Absolutely reuse any packaging supplies you’ve gotten over the year too.

Wrap cookies in wax paper or plastic bags by stacking them on top of each other and sealing tightly. This tube-like effect will keep them from moving too much and sitting stably in their box.

Be sure to label those cookies clearly so that your recipients know what is in each bag.

Other Containers

Know someone who collects cookie jars? Find an interesting cookie and fill it with some homemade cookies for them.

Other interesting containers could include wooden cigar boxes, homemade tote bags, and more. Simply put cookies inside things other people will love. This is a delightful way to increase the joy and the gift – tucking homemade cookies into something else that might feel (but probably isn’t) humble.

Canning jars will work for small cookies and look lovely tucked into gift baskets or given alone with a thank you card for something simple and delightful.

A tin with multiple types of cookies and text overlay.e.

It is the Thought

Homemade cookies are in and of themselves an amazing gift. They truly don’t need much wrapping to be better, it just feels nicer to give someone we love a pretty package.

However, the baking and putting together along with other obligations mean that time is often short. Do the best you can but remember that creative cookie packaging can be simple and yet lovely at the same time.

Thanks for sharing!