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Create a Cozy Winter Hygge Home

Life can often seem dark and dreary after the holidays. All of the decorations are put away and the house seems empty. Instead, try these tips to create a cozy winter hygge home!

How to Create a Cozy Winter Hygge Home After the Holidays

Here in Alaska, the daylight hours are still short. The weather is colder than it was over the holidays and snow is still adding up. With the Danish tradition of “hygge,” we make our homes warm and cozy.

Keep the Lights up

Instead of “Christmas lights,” we have “winter lights.” Sure, it may be the same string of lights, but they stay up long after the holidays are over. They soft, warm glow is always welcome on our dark winter days. (Not to mention, they’re a lot safer than having candles all over the house.) The rest of the Christmas decorations are put away, but the lights will stay up for a few months longer. Fairy lights give a nice glow too, but since you already have the Christmas lights out…

Winter Lights for a cozy winter  even after the holidays

(Don’t let anyone mess with you and tell you that you need to “take down your Christmas lights.” We Alaskans fully give you our blessing to call them “winter lights” too!) 🙂

Cozy and Soft and Hygge

A huge part of traditional hygge is lots of blankets and pillows. Create cozy nests to curl up in with a good gardening book and a cup of tea. Our home is full of homemade quilts and wool blankets I’ve collected over the years. Use winter themed pillow cases to keep your home decor fresh with the season. I personally love chunky knit pillow cases!

If it’s not already part of your home winterizing checklist, considering changing out window hangings for something a bit thicker. It will enhance the cozy feel inside and help your home stay warm on cold winter nights.

Baking is Twofold

Not only does baking a fresh loaf of bread or tasty treats make your home smell wonderful, but that hot oven also helps warm up your home. Since January is National Soup Month, baking bread to be dipped in soup just makes sense.

Baking for cozy winter home

Bring Nature Back Inside

The Christmas tree may be gone, but bring in other fresh spruce boughs and saplings for some greenery. Consider sprouting early birch leaves by placing a branch in some water. Encourage pussy willows in the same manner with willow branches. Pinecones are always a beautiful way to decorate too!

Get Outside

It may be cold, but you should still try to get outside and play! In Sweden, they will tell you “There’s no bad weather, only bad clothes.” Pile on the winter gear and go take a walk. If you have enough snow, try snowshoeing or cross country skiing! Not only are these great ways to enjoy the outdoors, but healthy too. Having the right winter gear will make all the difference.

Get outside and enjoy the winter for a true winter experience.

Hygge Home Year ‘Round

Having a hygge home is so comforting and cozy. It’s sure to keep the winter blues away. Use these tips and more to keep up the cozy level in the spring and fall too!

How do you make a cozy winter hygge home?

How to Create a Winter Hygge Home After the Holidays

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