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Canning Supplies and Resources

Canning is a great way to stock your pantry with shelf stable foods. Whether you’re canning your own garden harvest or in-season produce from the farmers’ market or grocery store, using the right tools ensures that you can safely and quickly put up the harvest.

Canning Supplies

Use these supplies to make your canning efforts efficient, delicious, and most importantly safe!


There are several types of canners that can be used for high acid foods. A pressure canner is necessary for low acid foods.

General Canning Tools

The right tool can make canning much easier than when you don't have the right tools. While not everything on this list is essential, they will all make canning easier.

Canning Books

These books are good for learning how to safely can food.

Miscellaneous Canning Supplies

Save money by using reusable canning lids and save time by properly labeling your canned goods.