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Canning Books for Beginners

Stock your home library with the best canning books so that you can make your home food preservation efforts are safe and delicious.

Oh sure, you can peruse the internet and a multitude of websites (including this one) full of delicious recipes, but having a few favorite canning books within reach at all times ensures that you can continue in the case of power outages and make sure those websites are giving you the safest, most accurate information.

You don’t need an entire library or even a shelf full of books, just one or two books can instill confidence in a beginner canner and inspire the more experienced.

Books about canning on a shelf with a jar of canned green beans and a jar of maple apple butter. Text overlay reads: The best canning books for beginners.

Frugal Books

Good books are a great investment in your simple living goals but can obviously be expensive. If funds are limited, buy just 1 or 2 of the books we recommend below and make sure to buy the most recent edition to get any important updates for processing.

Obviously used books abound both online and in your local thrift shops, etc. If buying older canning books, be sure to visit the National Center for Home Food Preservation and double check that you have the latest food safety recommendations. It’s easy to just note these new updates in pen in your older used books.

Glass jars of green beans and pickles sit on a counter with a canner on a stove and jars of cherries in the background. Text overlay reads: canning books for beginners.

The Best Books for Beginner Canners

Canning books abound and new ones are being released all the time, but as experienced canners and book lovers these are the ones we recommend most often for keeping on the home library shelves.

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