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Eating seasonally to Save Time and Money

Until the very recently in our history, eating seasonally was pretty much the only way to eat. Today, eating seasonally is seen as trendy and something that is talked about more than actually practiced. However, planning your meals around fruits and vegetables in...

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35 Holiday Cookie Recipes for Everyone on Your List

Holiday baking season is upon us. While everyone has favorite cookie baking traditions, new recipes are always fun too. Cookies offer us a great to make small batches of numerous flavors so that everyone gets something they truly enjoy. Get your baking and gift giving...

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Meal Prep Hacks Help You Spend Less Time in the Kitchen

These meal prep hacks will help you spend less time in the kitchen and remove the hassle of wondering what's for dinner. Implement a few today and make meal preparation enjoyable.   Preparing meals ahead of time means you’re taking a break from the daily hassle...

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17 Easy Side Dishes for the Holidays and Beyond

Try a new recipe during the holidays this year. Who knows, these easy side dishes could start a new family tradition that you'll want to make all year. Many families have food traditions around the holidays, and it comforts us to bring those traditions forward for the...

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Easy Ways to Begin Cooking with Cranberries

Cranberries are essential to a holiday meal. They are a great accompaniment to turkey, duck, goose, and other fowl, as well as beef or pork roasts. That tang from a side of cranberries cleanses the palette and cuts through the fat. Cooking with cranberries is actually...

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Eating Seasonally in October

Eating seasonally in October is a mash-up of summer crops and cool weather favorites such harvests as broccoli, pumpkins, apples, and persimmons. The bright sun and crisp, cool air of October signals the end of harvest season in many places. However, fresh and...

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Cranberry Pear Spoon Cake

When it comes to the holidays, cranberries are a guest star on the table. Yes, they are a favorite as a sauce or relish for roasted turkey, but why not give them a chance at dessert? These little beauties can compete with the best pumpkin or pecan pie, especially when...

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Providing Supplemental Chicken Coop Lighting

Experiencing the ebb and flow of egg production? You can safely provide supplemental chicken coop lighting when you take these factors into consideration. If you keep chickens, you have experienced the ebb and flow of egg production. Spring and summer are the glory...

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