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8 Ways to Spring Hygge – Make Spring Cozy!

It seems like all you hear about all winter anymore is "hygge." What's hygge? Hygge is a Danish concept of living a cozy life, enjoying the simple things, and good food. Think comfy blankets, lots of candles, books, thick wooly socks, and comfort food. While this is...

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Should You Raise Goats on the Homestead?

Should you raise goats on your homestead? There is much to consider when deciding to raise goats on your homestead. Find out what you need to know before you begin and where to get that knowledge to be successful. There are many benefits to having goats on your...

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Improving Soil with Chicken Litter

Improving soil with chicken litter is an organic method for feeding your garden and a way to use your used livestock bedding.One of the perks of homesteading is that you can use waste from one area to enhance or grow another area. We are excited to have Erica of...

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How to Make Fresh Garden Syrups

There comes a time in late summer when grocery stores, farmers markets, and home gardens become overrun with herbs and fruit just waiting to be processed into something tasty. Have a plan for creating fresh garden syrups from your bounty this year. In our day,...

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How to Find a Simple Living Community

Living a handmade, simple life can be an uphill battle sometimes. It is a worthwhile lifestyle but finding community support and like-minded friends can make it easier and more rewarding. Despite the best self-sufficient ideals and goals, we all need a simple living...

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Rootsy Responds: Best Garden Tools for Home Gardeners

The Rootsy Community is awesome! This month's Community Supported Answer (CSA) is about the Best Garden Tools that help get the job done. I have a favorite wheelbarrow that has traveled with me across the country. It has four wheels, so it's stable and easy to manage....

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Our Favorite Seed Companies for Non-GMO Seeds

Wondering where to get organic, non-GMO seeds? At Rootsy, we're sharing our favorite seed companies, their catalogs, and why we like them. Like many gardeners, I have a seed issue....I'm somewhat addicted to seed catalogs, saving seeds, collecting seeds, reading about...

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5 Things to Think About Before Giving a Bunny for Easter

Adorable baby bunnies and fluffy little chicks can sure be tempting. It may seem like a good idea to bring them home as the perfect present for an Easter basket. Here are 5 things to think about before giving a bunny as a gift. This is a Guest Post from Kathryn Robles...

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A Chocolate Sugar Cookie Recipe for Your Sweetheart

There's nothing quite like a cut-out cookie for a wide range of dessert and gift giving needs. This chocolate sugar cookie recipe is perfect for the chocolate lover in your life. They make beautifully decorated cookies but also taste delightful plain. They ship well...

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