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Using Natural Food Preservatives Found in Your Kitchen

When you buy and eat unprocessed food you need to take a little extra care with it so that it doesn't spoil before you get a chance to use it. Unlike processed foods, real food isn't loaded with preservatives which means it doesn't have a long shelf life. However, you...

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Growing and Using Micro Herbs (Such as Micro Basil)

Micro herbs add flavor and nutrition to your food and beauty to your home. You can grow micro basil and other herbs such as cress and dill year round when you grow them indoors as micro greens. What Are Micro Herbs? Micro herbs and micro greens are really just...

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Hearty & Easy Lentil Stew Recipe

Make this hearty and easy lentil stew for a hearty, warm, and nutritious one-pot meal. Full of protein from both lentils and beef this is a filling lunch or dinner in a bowl. Type of Lentils Lentils and other dried beans are frugal and versatile. For this recipe, use...

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DIY Sentimental Gifts

Meaningful gift giving doesn't have to cost a lot of money or time. We've rounded up some of the best DIY sentimental gift ideas to help you give thoughtful gifts this year without spending a lot of money or time on them. Sentimental gifts will mean different things...

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Ways to Use Leftover Cranberry Sauce

For many of us cranberry sauce only graces our dinner tables a few times a year. And once that jar or can is opened we often need to find ways to use leftover cranberry sauce. Thankfully, there are so very many tasty and simple options for every single meal of the...

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Chocolate Cranberry Sauce Cookies

Chocolate cranberry cookies are a soft, sweet delight perfect for the holidays and more. These cookies are the perfect, easy way to use leftover cranberry sauce beyond spreading it on leftover turkey sandwiches. Because these are soft and moist these make great...

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Over 45 Ways to Winterize Your House and more!

How to winterize a house is a matter of taking care of simple things before the season arrive. Winterization doesn't have to cost a ton of money or be difficult. In fact, our checklist will help you get the entire winterization process done without forgetting...

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Canning Apple Pie Filling

Canning apple pie filling at home is a great way to preserve the harvest and have homemade dessert in the pantry. Best of all it’s easy project for beginner and experienced canners alike.  Homemade apple filling is more frugal than store bought and can be...

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Creative Cookie Packaging for Delicious Gift Giving

Homemade cookies are always a welcome gift but we can make it even more special with creative cookie packaging. How to wrap cookies for gift giving will depend on the occasion and how those gifts will be given. Mailing cookies needs special care versus hand delivering...

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