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Using Cover Crops and Green Manure to Improve the Soil

Cover crops are an easy way to suppress weeds, build soil and attract beneficial insects. Learn how to grow buckwheat, Austrian peas, rye, oats, and hairy vetch to cover bare soil and use as green manure. There are times in the gardening year when the ground is bare,...

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Fresh Strawberry Muffins

Make the most of juicy berries by whipping up these quick and easy fresh strawberry muffins for breakfast and snack time. Strawberry season is a glorious time of year. They're great dipped in chocolate or served on shortcake. Fresh strawberry muffins are a great way...

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Flower Tinctures to Make this Summer

Summer is often the season of abundance. This abundance applies as much to food as it does to herbal remedies. Make these flower tinctures as they bloom this summer and be ready to care for a variety of ailments in the seasons ahead. Rose to Calm Anxiety Tinctures are...

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Raising Your Own Meat Birds

Raising your own meat birds is a wonderful way to provide some of your own food. You will also ensure that your food is raised in the manner that you see fit and is handled properly. Getting started with them can seem somewhat overwhelming but it doesn't have to be....

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Healing Plantain Salve Recipe

Of all the medicinal plants celebrated for their skin-healing powers, plantain is one of the most revered. Healing plantain salve can be wonderfully nourishing to your skin. Every home should have some ready for the next cut, scrape, sting or bite. Make some today! We...

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9 Ways to Preserve and Use Rhubarb

Rhubarb, that early rising perennial that you can completely ignore and know it will keep coming back in garden zones 3 to 8. With such a prolific producer, the more ways to preserve and use rhubarb you know the better! Rhubarb is so tart, it is usually mixed with...

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Beat Homestead Overwhelm with Good Planning

Homesteading is an active, busy lifestyle. There are a lot of balls in the air at any given moment. Those many chores - whether they are passions or necessities - can easily become daunting. Beat that homestead overwhelm with good planning. Create a Planning System...

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Preserving Basics: When to Blanch Vegetables

Serious home preservers look for shortcuts to help create the best product that will last the longest on the pantry shelves. Learning when to blanch vegetables can help save money, save time, and give you the best-tasting food. I am a lazy preserver and will take...

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