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Drying and Storing Herbs for the Pantry

As summer winds to a close, gardeners are busily harvesting the last of the bounty. They know that a single frost, let alone a hard freeze, can destroy in a single evening what they had been tending to all season long. Not only could that finish off garden fresh...

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Organizing the Home Preserved Pantry

A home-preserved pantry is a beautiful thing. It can also represent unique and special organizational challenges. Thankfully, organizing the home preserved pantry can be done neatly and easily by following just a few tips. Labels The great thing about glass jars is...

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How to Make Butter Using a Food Processor

Homemade butter is delicious and incredibly easy to make at home.  In years past, we milked goats.  We enjoyed the milk and made all sorts of delicious yogurt, cheese, and kefir.  I made butter a few times by skimming off the cream and shaking it in a jar.  There is...

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Water Bath Canning or Pressure Canning?

Canning foods is a wonderful way to preserve the harvest or even a great deal you find at your local farmers market or grocery store. But are you doing it correctly? Which is the best way? Water bath canning or pressure canning? When done correctly, canning is a...

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Teacher Spotlight: Susan Vinskofski of LearningandYearning

This month, we are honored to have Susan Vinskofski as our guest teacher on Rootsy. She planted her first vegetable garden at the age of 16. Susan is also passionate about building soil, as well as growing and eating the most nutrient-dense food she can find. Besides...

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Lacto-Fermented Spicy Beets

Summer is a bountiful time of year.  Whether you are growing your own or buying from a grower or farmer's market, you may experience 'produce glut'. What I mean by that is you have more fresh produce on hand that what you can reasonably use before said produce begins...

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Quick and Easy Worm Towers for Better Garden Soil

Nothing quite compares to rich, fertile garden soil. When you can easily push a shovel into the ground and turn up dark brown earth crawling with worms you know you’re in good shape for growing whatever it is your heart desires. Wise gardeners value the presence (and...

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Teacher Spotlight: Amy Stross of Tenth Acre Farm

This month, we are honored to present Amy Stross as our guest teacher on Rootsy. She has a background in home-scale food production and is an avid permaculture gardener, writer, educator, and author of the wildly informative book The Suburban Micro-Farm. Amy got her...

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Cast Iron Cooking; Grill Edition

There is no doubt that cast iron cookware is the king of the kitchen.  Not only is it nearly indestructible, it retains heat like a champ, sears steak like nobodies business, pieces are relatively inexpensive (when compared to stainless steel) and easily moves from...

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