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How to Make Felted Acorns

Felted acorns are simply adorable! The tiny woolen acorns are very quick to create and also make lovely homemade gifts. With a cute acorn cap and a bit of wool, you can easily craft cute ornaments to use in fall or holiday decor, as gift tags, or as a beautiful...

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10 Best Garden Tools for Home Gardeners

Everyone looks for the best garden tools that help get the job done. Preferences aside, we can all agree that they need to have these three qualities. I have a favorite wheelbarrow that has traveled with me across the country. It has four wheels, so it's stable and...

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Keeping Chickens in Cold Climates

Raising chickens, whether egg layers or meat chickens, can be a challenge at times. Predators, sick animals, cleaning out the coops, or even just being home for feeding times can make life tough which is why you need solid chicken coop plans. Add freezing weather and...

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Fall Gardening – Without the Overwhelm

Do you think fall gardening is too much work? It doesn't have to be. Learn how to grow food for your family in the fall in any gardening zone. Let’s be honest, fall and winter gardening can be tough. When you need to plant your fall garden, you’re probably knee deep...

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Selecting Seeds for Your Fall Garden

Selecting seeds for your fall garden is the first step to a successful year-round garden. The growing season need not end with the Autumn harvest! With careful planning and succession sowing, a bountiful fall garden can extend harvests into winter, and planting of...

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Why We Homestead

At the very foundation of Rootsy is simple living and homesteading. We interviewed eight homesteaders around the United States who are striving for a simple life for various reasons. Maybe you're thinking about homesteading too. Read each of their stories and learn...

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Top Vegetables for the Home Garden

Raising your own vegetables for fresh home produce is a goal that every self-reliant gardener strives to achieve. You'll have success with vegetables for the home garden when you follow these simple rules. Once you sit down with the plethora of seed catalogs received...

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Using Cover Crops and Green Manure to Improve the Soil

Cover crops are an easy way to suppress weeds, build soil and attract beneficial insects. Learn how to grow buckwheat, Austrian peas, rye, oats, and hairy vetch to cover bare soil and use as green manure. There are times in the gardening year when the ground is bare,...

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Fresh Strawberry Muffins

Make the most of juicy berries by whipping up these quick and easy fresh strawberry muffins for breakfast and snack time. Strawberry season is a glorious time of year. They're great dipped in chocolate or served on shortcake. Fresh strawberry muffins are a great way...

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