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The Best Pumpkin Cookie Recipe Around

This moist and easy pumpkin cookie recipe is a blessing to any serious pumpkin lover. Make cookies ahead of time and keep them in the pantry for up to a week. If you can keep them around, they store beautifully! Growing up, there was nothing like grandma's pumpkin...

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Gluten-Free Cookie Baking Tips + Recipes

We're happy to have Tammy Trayer teaching about gluten-free cookie baking here at Rootsy. She'll share tips for choosing the right kind of flour and three recipes you can try right away. Even if you aren't gluten-free you'll love the recipes. Being in my kitchen and...

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Teacher Spotlight: Janet Garman from Timber Creek Farm

This month, we are honored to present Janet Garman, a long time farmer, fiber artist, and author at Timber Creek Farm. Janet studied Animal Science in college and her husband was a Forestry major, they began working their family farm over 20 years ago so their...

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Homemade Gifts in Jars

One of the easiest and most meaningful gifts to give any holiday season is a gift in a jar. You can give these gifts to neighbors, friends, family members, older people, teachers, and more. Everyone always appreciates the present and the effort you put into gifts in...

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How to Make Felted Acorns

Felted acorns are simply adorable! The tiny woolen acorns are very quick to create and also make lovely homemade gifts. With a cute acorn cap and a bit of wool, you can easily craft cute ornaments to use in fall or holiday decor, as gift tags, or as a beautiful...

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Making Bath Bombs – Lessons from a Beginner

Bath bombs have always been one of those great gift ideas that can feel overwhelming and hard. The packing of the molds, the iffy nature of the mixture actually holding together. All of the potential problems kept me from even trying and opting for the much more...

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Herbal Cordials: The Gift of Medicine that Tastes Good

Even the name "Cordial" implies feelings of graciousness and warmth, so the fact that a sipping liquor also carries that name leaves no question that its consumption is meant to be an enjoyable experience.  The word Cordial derives from the Medieval Latin word...

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