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5 Things to Think About Before Giving a Bunny for Easter

Adorable baby bunnies and fluffy little chicks can sure be tempting. It may seem like a good idea to bring them home as the perfect present for an Easter basket. Here are 5 things to think about before giving a bunny as a gift. This is a Guest Post from Kathryn Robles...

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A Chocolate Sugar Cookie Recipe for Your Sweetheart

There's nothing quite like a cut-out cookie for a wide range of dessert and gift giving needs. This chocolate sugar cookie recipe is perfect for the chocolate lover in your life. They make beautifully decorated cookies but also taste delightful plain. They ship well...

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Rootsy Responds: Raising Backyard Chickens for Beginners

Raising backyard chickens for beginners. Each month The Rootsy Community comes together to bring their best ideas to the table. We call it CSA, Community Supported Answers! The Rootsy Community is awesome! This month's Community Supported Answer (CSA) is about...

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Smart Gardeners Use a Yearly Journal, Here’s Why

Smart gardeners know the value of a yearly garden journal and use it to aid with garden planning, crop rotation, and to create their own individualized resource. A beginning gardener tends to experiment a lot as they are finding their gardening style. In the long run,...

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Canvas Bag Freezer Paper Stencil Tutorial

Put a creative spin on reusable canvas grocery bags with this easy freezer paper stencil tutorial. Customize your bags however you would like, the sky's the limit. I love crafting.  However, between homeschooling and homesteading, I have very little time left to...

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How to Practice Home Herbalism

One of the most satisfying ways to increase self-sufficiency is to practice home herbalism. This ancient art has the power to keep us healthy, find relief from many everyday ailments, and give us some control over health struggles. It may seem daunting but there are a...

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Oatmeal Raisin Breakfast Cookies

Bake and freeze these oatmeal raisin breakfast cookies for quick morning meals. Full of natural and filling whole grains, fiber, fruit and nuts they are sure to be a filling meal on even the busiest mornings. There are moments when we all need a quick breakfast. We...

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