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Eating Seasonally in Spring

Ah, Spring. When the world comes back to life. And the best part? All those fresh fruits and veggies! Eating Seasonally in the Spring is the best! Eating seasonally not only ensures the freshest and ripest food, but it also saves money too! Pay attention to your local...

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Plants for the Medicinal Herb Garden

The great thing about gardening is that we can grow exactly what we want and need. This is as true for vegetables as it for plants in the medicinal herb garden. Growing our own medicinal herb garden means we can plan and plant the useful herbs needed for the ailments...

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How to Plan a Useful Herb Garden

An herb garden is a useful thing of beauty around a home. It can add flavor to meals, healing remedies to the medicine cabinet, and provide a home to beneficial insects galore. Plan a most useful herb garden for your home with these guidelines. Planning the Culinary...

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Cheap and Easy Ways to Build Healthy Soil

The foundation of every garden is healthy soil. Healthy soil gives you fruit and vegetables full of nutrients, protects your plants during droughts, and supplies you with a wonderful harvest. But don't worry. I'm here to teach you how to build healthy soil the easy...

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53 Easy Ways to Earn Money From Any Size Homestead

You don't need a lot of property to earn money from your homestead. Start earning a living on your homestead or farm today doing what you already love to do. With more than 50 ideas, there's something for everyone who wants to start earning money from home. Guest...

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Eating seasonally to Save Time and Money

Until the very recently in our history, eating seasonally was pretty much the only way to eat. Today, eating seasonally is seen as trendy and something that is talked about more than actually practiced. However, planning your meals around fruits and vegetables in...

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35 Holiday Cookie Recipes for Everyone on Your List

Holiday baking season is upon us. While everyone has favorite cookie baking traditions, new recipes are always fun too. Cookies offer us a great to make small batches of numerous flavors so that everyone gets something they truly enjoy. Get your baking and gift giving...

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Meal Prep Hacks Help You Spend Less Time in the Kitchen

These meal prep hacks will help you spend less time in the kitchen and remove the hassle of wondering what's for dinner. Implement a few today and make meal preparation enjoyable.   Preparing meals ahead of time means you’re taking a break from the daily hassle...

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