The best garden tools for home gardeners. Each month The Rootsy Community comes together to bring their best ideas to the table. We call it CSA, Community Supported Answers!

Rootsy Responds: What are the best garden tools for the home gardener?

I have a favorite wheelbarrow that has traveled with me across the country. It has four wheels, so it’s stable and easy to manage. That baby is a workhorse hauling manure, soil, and mulch to the far corners of my garden. I know that I could have purchased a new one, but this barrow is broken in just right!  For me, it’s an essential garden tool that I won’t be without.

What about you? We know how awesome The Rootsy Community is! This month’s Community Supported Answer (CSA) is about garden tools.

Here’s the topic:

Share your ideas about the best garden tools to help those who are looking for the perfect weeding, digging and pruning tools to help in the garden this year.

Leave your comments below. We’ll take the answers you leave us and compile them into an article in this very spot! We know Rootsy readers are generous and want to share their knowledge so everyone can benefit from the experience and wisdom they have gained!

The rules of Rootsy Responds:

  1. We reserve the right to edit comments for content and usefulness.
  2. No political or religious discussion is allowed.
  3. Offer only supportive words. Let’s follow grandma’s advice: if we don’t have anything nice to say we don’t say it at all.
  4. Keep the language friendly. Let’s avoid cussing.
  5. Photographs, links, and anything shared within this group should also be kid-friendly
  6. Bloggers are welcome to share post links as long as they are on topic. Off-topic posts will not be approved.

Stay tuned, at month end we will consolidate your ideas into a comprehensive post compiled from all your best ideas. We can’t wait to see what knowledge you share with the community!

Rootsy Responds: What are the best garden tools for the home gardener?

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