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The Guide to Backyard Foraging

Foraging for food and medicine is a worthwhile pursuit in the simple life. It’s an activity that provides us with free resources to nourish our homes and families.

And it can seem exotic and intimidating making many of us shy away from it.

But if there was a way to take the mystery out of it while also encouraging responsible practices, providing remedy making resources, and tasty recipes?

That’s where the Rootsy Guide to Backyard Foraging can help!

Fingers holding a red clover flower with text overlay stating: The Rootsy Guide to Backyard Foraging.

Our guide includes:

  • information on common plants and when to gather them
  • a responsible foraging guide
  • recipes for food
  • herbal tea recipes
  • home remedy tutorials
  • and more!

All that in a downloadable e-book for $6.97. Get yours instantly and get foraging today!


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