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Recipes Using Apple Pie Filling

That jar of canned apple pie filling in the pantry can be the start of so many different dessert recipes.

Oh sure, one can easily dump it into a pie shell for dessert, but there are so many other delicious dessert options beyond pie.

Looking for some inspiration and creative ideas for those cans of apple pie filling? We’ve got a bunch of delicious recipes to make them shine:

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Other Pie Filling Options

Use your own home canned, homemade apple pie filling or canned pie filling from the grocery store for these recipes. If choosing something from the store, go with something that contains all natural ingredients for the best flavor.

The following recipes were made and tested specifically with apple filling but we cant’ think of a single reason why you couldn’t use peach pie filling, cherry pie filling, rhubarb pie filling or anything else similar instead. Use what you have in your pantry and get creative!

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Apple Filling Dessert Recipes

The great thing about these easy recipes is that you can pull together fall desserts in less time and in any season by just opening a jar of pie filling, rather than having to peel, slice, and otherwise prepare apples for baking.


Use that can of apple pie filling up in tasty and moist cakes that are easy to make for weeknights, potlucks, and more!

Crisps & Cobblers

When apples are fresh and in season crisps and cobblers come together quickly and easily for autumn desserts, using apple pie filling is a great way to have the same flavor no matter the time of year.


If you're looking for something sweet, comforting, and perfect for more than just dessert, this is the category for you. Pie filling combines with bread for breakfast, dessert, or even appetizers here.


So often apple pie cookies are really just small apple pies, but here we've got a couple for you that have a completely different take and feel for baking and sharing with your loved ones.

No Bake Desserts

Want some apple pie flavor and to use up that apple pie in the pantry but the weather is simply too hot to turn on the oven? Give these no bake options a try for something cold and amazing.

Pie Like

Want something more along the lines of a traditional apple pie but not exactly? Try these recipes for variations of homemade pies perfect for serving at the holiday seasons and beyond.

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