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A Simple Living Revival

Join us for 30 days of simple living. We’ll provide you with a calendar of easy activities that will guide to a simple life that is made of your own hands and close to the earth. We’ll skip the overwhelm and embrace a more intentional path to homemade living.

Lip balm in metal tins on a wooden table with large text overlay inviting the audience to join us.

We’ll cover:

  • Time Management
  • Mixing up from scratch baking mixes
  • Making handy garden
  • Fermentation
  • Herbal medicine making
  • And so much more!

For four weeks, you’ll get an email with a calendar, a grocery list, a list of tools needed, and how-to’s, videos, and tips for a daily task each day of the week. We’ve kept these tasks fairly simple. They shouldn’t take up too much of your day. After all, we’re striving for the Simple Life here!


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