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Here at Rootsy, we want to help you discover projects that make you hum a happy little tune.

You know the ones. The fun projects that leave you with something pretty to look at. Or the hard projects that take a little effort but leave you with an amazing sense of accomplishment. Or the projects that connect you with the people who came before you.

In a mashup of new technology and vintage skills, Rootsy gives you access to skilled craftspeople who are doing the projects you want to learn about.

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Eating seasonally

Eating seasonally

Until the very recently in our history, eating seasonally was pretty much the only way to eat. Today, eating seasonally is seen as trendy and something that is talked about more than actually practiced. However, planning your meals around fruits and vegetables in...

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Your Cold Climate Garden is Possible!

Your Cold Climate Garden is Possible!

Have you ever wondered how people in Alaska or northern Canada garden? Isn't it cold all the time? Not quite! A cold climate garden is very possible and very rewarding. Gardeners in Zones 1, 2, 3, and 4 have all learned how to work with their climate and soil. They...

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Kitchen Herb Garden Cold Remedies

Kitchen Herb Garden Cold Remedies

When the cold bug hits a home, it's a bugger of a thing to fight and get on top off. There are numerous remedies and medications available at the local pharmacy. You can also find natural relief by making herb garden remedies right from the abundance in your backyard...

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