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Here at Rootsy, we want to help you discover projects that make you hum a happy little tune.

You know the ones. The fun projects that leave you with something pretty to look at. Or the hard projects that take a little effort but leave you with an amazing sense of accomplishment. Or the projects that connect you with the people who came before you.

In a mashup of new technology and vintage skills, Rootsy gives you access to skilled craftspeople who are doing the projects you want to learn about.

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A Chocolate Sugar Cookie Recipe for Your Sweetheart

A Chocolate Sugar Cookie Recipe for Your Sweetheart

There's nothing quite like a cut-out cookie for a wide range of dessert and gift giving needs. This chocolate sugar cookie recipe is perfect for the chocolate lover in your life. They make beautifully decorated cookies but also taste delightful plain. They ship well...

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Smart Gardeners Use a Yearly Journal, Here’s Why

Smart Gardeners Use a Yearly Journal, Here’s Why

Smart gardeners know the value of a yearly garden journal and use it to aid with garden planning, crop rotation, and to create their own individualized resource. A beginning gardener tends to experiment a lot as they are finding their gardening style. In the long run,...

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How to Practice Home Herbalism

How to Practice Home Herbalism

One of the most satisfying ways to increase self-sufficiency is to practice home herbalism. This ancient art has the power to keep us healthy, find relief from many everyday ailments, and give us some control over health struggles. It may seem daunting but there are a...

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