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5 Minutes 5 Projects 5 Days

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We at Rootsy know that you’re busy. We also know that you want to live a simple and empowered life created as much as possible from your own hands. 

To help you succeed in that, we’ve put together 5 projects, that you can complete in 5 minutes, over the next 5 days. We’re calling it 5/5/5 Challenge (creative right!) and you can get it delivered to your inbox FREE by signing up below. 

These may seem so simple that they are not worth the time, but we can tell you that these projects have saved us from making extra trips to the store, have helped us use up items other might throw away and have saved us tons of money. 

You are going to love these fun projects, and maybe you’ll even learn a new skill. 

You can use these 5-minute projects to build your own self-sufficient path and still have time to relax and enjoy life. 

Be assured, these are the helpful kind of tips you’ll always find at, we’re cool like that.

Start the journey today.

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