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35 Holiday Cookie Recipes for Everyone on Your List

Make everyone’s holiday treat baskets extra special by making them holiday cookie recipes in a variety of special flavors designed just for them.

Fill all your baking needs with these 35 holiday cookie recipes sure to please everyone and every taste on your gift list.

Tips for Baking Big Batches

Holidays require big batch most of the time. We can do that in such a way as to not make ourselves crazy.

Do double or triple recipes whenever possible. Split those big batches up among several folks or care packages.

Make smaller cookies. Get double the cookies with the same amount of dough. And give folks a wider range of cookies in small bites for baskets, buffets, and packages.

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Figure out the best work flow for yourself and your kitchen. Mix up dry ingredients the night before baking. Make the next dough while the last tray of cookies are in the oven, etc.

Cut Out Cookies

The holiday season just screams for cookies cut out into shapes and decorated for eating and gift giving. The making of these cookies is often a fun family tradition that makes the season complete.

Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate is always in season, after all. Make all your chocolohics happy with these tasty variations.

Peanut Butter Cookies

Protein packed and adored by kids and adults alike, peanut butter cookies are favored by many.

Spice Cookies

December is a month of strong spices both for flavor and warmth. These cookies provide both in tasty and giveable packages.

Oatmeal Cookies

Hearty and filling, oatmeal cookies ship well and pack into lunch boxes easily too.

Coffee Cookies

For the coffee lover, these cookies are the ideal combination of sweet and bitter.

Citrus Cookies

Use fresh and in-season citrus fruits for bright and flavorful holiday cookies.

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Monday 28th of November 2016

I love this list! I may just start at the top and bake my way to the bottom! :) Thanks so much, Kathie for including my Coconut Milk and Hobnob cookies! Happy holiday baking!