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17 Green Money Saving Bathroom Ideas

Working towards a green, money saving bathroom can be as easy or intense as you want it to be. Whether you simply swap a plastic shower curtain for cloth or decide to make your own “family cloth,” each step can help both the environment and your wallet.

17 Green Money Saving Bathroom Ideas

Whether you simply want to save some money when it comes to bathroom products or you plan on saving the planet with “green initiatives,” each of these steps will help you on those paths. This list starts with simple steps to full DIY projects.

Green Money Saving Bathroom

Unplug small appliances. Even when small appliances are not turned on, they tend to draw “phantom power.” You may not see it, but it’ll show itself on your electric bill. In addition, it’s much safer to unplug them. Not all small appliances have a “grounding” wire and can short out and cause a fire. (I almost lost my first apartment to a neighbor leaving a toaster plugged in.)

Time your showers. Using a simple kitchen timer or even the timer on your phone (not inside the shower with you, obviously) will help you stay conscious of how long you’re enjoying your shower. On average, 2.1 gallons of water is used every minute in the shower. That adds up quickly!

Fabric Shower Curtain. Scrubbing a plastic shower curtain liner can be annoying. It’s so tempting to simply throw them away and get a new one for $1.50, right? Instead, try getting a fabric shower liner that can be washed in the washer instead. It’ll be clean easier and last much longer. Plus no plastic added to landfills.

Lumpy Toilet Paper Rolls. We’ve all seen those videos of cats or toddlers playing with the toilet paper and it free spins onto the floor. A simple tug and you end up with much more TP than you actually need, but who wants to re-roll it? Squish the roll before you put it on the holder. Lumpy rolls won’t free spin and will cut down on waste.

Turn down the temp. Who takes a shower at the max heat your hot water heater can pump out? Pretty sure none of us. Instead of making your hot water heater work overtime in keeping the water extra hot, turn down the temperature setting. This will make big changes to your electric bill.

Try a hanky. Grandpa knew what he was doing carrying around a handkerchief. Instead of buying a box of tissues to use once and throw away, consider carrying a washable handkerchief instead.

Let the yellow mellow. Some may think this is a step too far, but it will make quite the dent in your water usage. Each flush of a toilet uses on average anywhere from 1.6 to 3.6 gallons. Consider skipping the immediate flush for “number one” and flush next time you go. But please, if it’s brown, send it down!

Check for leaks. A leaky faucet can drip up to 5 gallons of water per day. A leaking toilet 200 gallons per day!

Try a Safety Razor. Typical razors these days are not only made mostly of plastic, but are also expensive! Metal safety razors take a bit of a learning curve, but are much cheaper with blades replacements costing only cents.

DIY Bathroom

Grow a Loofah. Instead of the plastic scrubbies or soaps full of plastic micro-beads, consider growing loofah gourd! Once harvested, you can cut them to any size you want and once you’re done with it, simply add it to your compost.

Homemade Cleaners. Cut back not only on costs, but dangerous toxins in your money saving bathroom. Homemade cleaners are easy DIY options. Find recipes below.

For the ladies. Instead of potentially toxic tampons, switch to a menstrual cup. The upfront cost may be a bit more, but will save you lots in the long run. Another option is homemade pads that are reusable.

Family Cloth. If you’re really determined to cut back, consider using family cloth- aka homemade toilet paper. A bidet (or something along those lines) is a another low waste option as well.

DIY Shampoo Bars. Try your hand at shampoo bars. Not only are they typically a more healthy option, but cuts back on your garbage bill too with no plastic bottles.

Homemade Toothpaste. Also a healthier option, consider homemade toothpaste.

DIY Deodorant. Finding a homemade deodorant that does the job can be tough sometimes, but it’s worth a try!

Skip the Makeup. Skipping makeup altogether obviously is the cheapest and most green option, but for those who don’t want to, there are lots of recipes to be found for homemade lip balms and makeup.

Bath Bombs. Keep the bath luxurious with your own homemade bath bombs!

Green Money Saving Bathroom

17 Green Money Saving Bathroom Ideas to try today

Don’t forget to save money and go green in the kitchen too! What’s your favorite way to save money in the bathroom? Come join us on Facebook and share your ideas!

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