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Autumn is officially here, and you know what that means… an abundance of glorious apples! Apple picking is available aplenty out in the country, and almost everyone has a friend with an overfilled apple tree in their yard. So what do you do when you just have too many apples? Make these apple recipes!

What do you do when you just have too many apples? Get to work in the kitchen! These 15 delicious apple recipes will help you bust that bushel in no time!

When you’ve gotten your fill of fresh apples for the season and still have a pile of apples left, it’s time to get to work in the kitchen. This list of apple recipes is sure to prepare you for a fun day of baking and cooking to use up those apples before they go bad.

Apples are such a versatile fruit. They can be canned, dried, cooked, and baked. We’ve put together a big list with a variety of options to help you use up those apples!

Jams, Jellies, Butters, and Sauces

When you just have too many apples, the first place to turn is preserving. There are so many incredible jams, jellies, and marmalade to be made with apples, you’ll never run out of variations!

There are many recipes that include crab apples, including jams and jellies!

Crabapple Jelly from Learning and Yearning

Crabapple butter

Ah, crab apples… those ever abundant but ever unusable crops. But wait! Crab apples may not be great for eating fresh, but they’re wonderful to cook with!

Jess at 104 Homestead has an amazing recipe for crabapple butter. It sounds absolutely divine and so easy to make! 

Spiced apple butter

If you love apple butter and want to kick it up a notch, try this recipe for spiced apple butter from Grow Forage Cook Ferment! Not only is it a wonderful fall treat to put on a slice of toast, but it makes wonderful gifts as well.

Crabapple jelly

Another great option for crab apples is turning them into jelly! Learning and Yearning has an easy to follow recipe for crab apple jelly. Crab apples are naturally high in pectin, so no pectin needs to be added to turn them into jelly. All you need for this simple recipe is apples and sugar!

Apple Pie Chai Jelly

Dress up those crab apples with some cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom to make this amazing apple pie chai jelly! This jelly can be made with crabapples or any other tart apple. It’s very versatile and makes wonderful gifts!

Apple Pie Jam

Rounding out our apple preserves list is this tasty apple pie jam from Timber Creek Farmer. This jam is not only great on toast but delicious as a topper for waffles and pancakes as well!

Apple Sauce

Apple sauce is basically cooked and smashed apples with or without added sugar or spices; it can even be made in the crockpot. While most people just eat apple sauce straight, there are a lot of other things you can do with apple sauce.

Baked Goods

What’s better when crisp fall weather hits than a hot apple pie?! Baking apples can really bring out the sweetness and baked goods are sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

15+ apple recipes. What better way is there to use apples than a delicious apple pie?

Our Favorite Apple Pie from Reformation Acres

Apple Cinnamon Sourdough Muffins

Muffins make every morning better. And what’s better than a muffin? A sourdough muffin! In this post from Reformation Acres shows us how to make sourdough muffins in four delicious varieties, one of which uses apples! This post is very detailed to help you step by step to find success in sourdough baking, which can get complicated.

Healthy Apple Cinnamon Muffins

These gluten free apple cinnamon muffins are great to keep on hand for a quick breakfast or snack, or to add to a packed lunch. You can freeze them before or after baking so you always have some on hand.

Apple Pie

The first thing on anyone’s mind when looking for apple recipes is apple pie. It’s delicious and well loved by everyone! This recipe from Reformation Acres looks absolutely divine with the crunchy topping and perfect crust. You can also can apple pie filling to have it at the ready all year long.

Maple & Dried Apple Cookies

Using only maple syrup for sweetener dried apple cookies are made slightly healthier with the addition of wheat germ and rolled oats, making them a dessert you can feel good about serving.

Apple Pie Cake

This apple pie cake gives you all the flavor of a homemade pie without the fuss of making pie crust.

Drinks and Tonics

Some of our favorite apple recipes include cider! Get your fill of this delicious beverage this fall by making it yourself, it’s easy and satisfying!

Hard apple cider is easy to make and so tasty!

How to Make Hard Apple Cider from The 104 Homestead

Apple Cider

If you have a lot of apples consider making apple cider! You can make a simple homemade apple cider press.

Apple cider isn’t just for drinking, you can also use it to make apple cider honey caramels and apple cider soap.

Hard Apple Cider

Home brewing is all the rage, and nothing simpler or more delicious than making hard apple cider. 104 Homestead shows you how to make this tasty beverage step by step.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Organic apple cider vinegar is wonderful for so many uses. It’s great for your health, a few tablespoons a day mixed in with some water has been touted as a health elixir for many years, here’s how to make fire cider for cold and flu season. Apple cider vinegar is also great for cooking with and putting into homemade cleaning supplies!

Side Dishes

If you’re scrambling to put dinner together tonight, be sure you don’t leave out the apples! There are a number of side dishes that include this incredible fruit.

15+ Recipes - Apples are so versatile, they can be cooked and baked to make incredible dishes!

Baked Apple Salad from Learning and Yearning

Lacto-Fermented Cranberry apple relish

Get those probiotics in your belly with this delightful fermented relish! This is a great fermentation project for beginners. Cranberry apple relish is wonderful toast topper, but would also be great for cooking and baking!

Baked Apple salad

This is a truly creative way to eat baked apples this fall. Nutritious and delicious, this salad is made with maple syrup, cinnamon, cheese, and nuts. Baked apple salad is a comforting taste of home.

Preserving Apples

Jams and Jellies aren’t the only way to preserve apples, you can dry them, can them, or turn them into fruit leather to enjoy at any time!

Canning apples is easy with this recipe!

How to Can Crisp Apple Slices from Reformation Acres

Apple Sugar

Ever heard of apple sugar? We hadn’t, up until we found this great apple recipe from Learning and Yearning on how to make it! Apples are so abundant this time of year, we love to find many uses for them. One can only eat so much apple pie, am I right? Apple sugar is made by pureeing the apples then dehydrating them. 

Crabapple Fruit Leather

Who knew you could make fruit leather from crab apples? This is another great way to use up those under appreciated apples. Joybilee farm shows us how to make delicious crabapple fruit leather step by step. Although homemade fruit leather takes some time, it’s well worth it to know that your family is eating good food free of chemicals and toxins. It doesn’t get better than handmade!

Canning Crisp Apple Slices

Sometimes you just can’t eat all the apples, even with all these delicious recipes available. The next best thing is to preserve them and save them for later! Reformation Acres shows us in this post how to can apples and keep them crisp!

Solar Oven Apple Chips

Apple chips are a great way to use up an abundance of apples. They’re healthy, they’re tasty, and best of all, they’re easy to make! Homestead Lady shows us how to make them using a solar oven, but you can make these just as easily in a dehydrator or oven.

What are your favorite apple recipes? Share your thoughts in the comments!


What do you do when you just have too many apples? Get to work in the kitchen! These 15 delicious apple recipes will help you bust that bushel in no time!


Abundant Apple Recipes

What do you do when you just have too many apples? Make these apple recipes!

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