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Using Fresh Apples: Recipes for now and later

Autumn is officially here, and you know what that means… an abundance of glorious apples! Apple picking is available aplenty out in the country, and almost everyone has a friend with an overfilled apple tree in their yard. If you’re wondering what to make with apples to enjoy now and throughout the year, we have you covered. Here are some of our favorite apple recipes that will turn fresh apples into dinner, dessert, and jars filled with apple goodness to enjoy later.

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When you’ve gotten your fill of fresh apples for the season and still have a pile of apples left, it’s time to get to work in the kitchen. This list of apple recipes is sure to prepare you for a fun day of baking and cooking to use up those apples before they go bad.

There are so many different recipes you can make with apples. They can be canned, dried, cooked, and baked.

How to Store Fresh Apples

Keep fresh apples for eating and snacking in a root cellar if you have one. If you don’t have one, know that apples like it cold and humid for long term storage.

Use your refrigerator’s crisper drawer to keep them for several weeks. Place a damp towel over the top of them in the drawer to provide a little extra humidity.

Tools to Make Cooking with Apples Easier

Let’s be honest, one only needs a good sharp knife to peel, core, and chop apples. However, there are some amazing, effective, and frugal tools that make it a little faster and easier.

An apple being sliced and peeled on a hand crank peeler.

These hand-crank apple peeler, slicer, corer machines are a snap to use and clean. They make even slices perfect for dehydrating and they make peeling a large harvest of apples much easier than a paring knife.

Want to core and slice a bunch of apples easily but leave the peels on? Try these simple slicers, that do an entire apple at once with a push of the hand. These are really great if you’re going to run a bunch through a juicer and don’t want the cores dulling the blades.

Abundant Apple Recipes to Inspire

Make the use of your abundant apple harvest with these recipe for preserving and fresh eating.

Preserving Apples

Easily save those apples for eating later with these delicious preservation ideas and recipes.

Apples for Breakfast

Start the day off right by using apples in muffins, oatmeal, french toast, and more.

Savory Apple Dishes

Apples can work equally well in sweet and savory side dishes.

Apple Pie Variations

Apple pie is always a classic and we've got a few different variations for you to try - heck try one a week until you run out of fresh apples.

Other Apple Desserts

Because apples can be so much more than pie.

Apple Drinks

Turn those apples into tasty drinks the whole family will love.


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