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Quick and Easy Worm Towers for Better Garden Soil

Nothing quite compares to rich, fertile garden soil. When you can easily push a shovel into the ground and turn up dark brown earth crawling with worms you know you’re in good shape for growing whatever it is your heart desires. Wise gardeners value the presence (and...

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Teacher Spotlight: Amy Stross of Tenth Acre Farm

This month, we are honored to present Amy Stross as our guest teacher on Rootsy. She has a background in home-scale food production and is an avid permaculture gardener, writer, educator, and author of the wildly informative book The Suburban Micro-Farm. Amy got her...

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Cast Iron Cooking; Grill Edition

There is no doubt that cast iron cookware is the king of the kitchen.  Not only is it nearly indestructible, it retains heat like a champ, sears steak like nobodies business, pieces are relatively inexpensive (when compared to stainless steel) and easily moves from...

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Teacher Spotlight: Nina Nelson of ShalomMama

This month, we are honored to present Nina Nelson, a student herbalist, wellness educator and author who has secretly always wanted to be the village wise woman. Nina lives in Central Oregon with her husband and their four children where she spends her free time doing...

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Homemade Fruit Infused Vinegar

The trend towards self-reliance often begins in the kitchen. We search for ways to expand our knowledge and save our pocketbooks in the process. This can be accomplished by cooking with something new (like cranberries) when it is on sale or looking for many ways to...

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Fall Gardening – without the overwhelm

Let’s be honest, fall and winter gardening can be tough. When you need to plant your fall garden, you’re probably knee deep in harvesting and putting up your summer crops. And you’re tired and all you want to do is put your garden to bed for the winter. But don’t, not...

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Teacher Spotlight: Kristine Brown of HerbalRootsZine

Meet Kristine Brown @HerbalRootsZine Self-Reliance is of great interest to our community, in fact in one form or another, it’s what Rootsy is all about. This month, we are honored to present a teacher whose experience with plants began at the tender age of 2 when her...

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Selecting Seeds for Your Fall Garden

The growing season need not end with the Autumn harvest! With careful planning and successional sowing, a bountiful fall garden can extend harvests into winter, and planting of overwintering varieties will give you a jump start on fresh produce in the spring....

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3 Herbal Remedies for Preparedness

There are several items that should always be carried in an emergency kit. Water, food, and clothing should be top of mind as you prepare. So should a simple first aid kit. An effective first aid kit should have bandages, pain relievers, and a way to treat minor...

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