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How to Maximize Garden Shed Space

As gardeners, we all wish for more gardening space. Imagine if you had room for an additional raised bed? Perhaps a few fruit trees? What about a large strawberry bed? Oh yes, daydreams abound when it comes to garden space. But let me ask you this, do you ever dream...

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How to build frog habitats

For the most part, frogs and toads just need water, shelter, and lots of insects to live comfortably. For the water container, make sure you use something that the frogs can easily hop into and out of. The getting into is usually pretty easy, it's the getting out of...

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25 Ways to Use Lemons for Food and Healing

Winter is the season for citrus. Even for folks living in the great white north, citrus fruits are usually easier to find and less expensive this time of year. Lemons are among some of the most versatile foods on earth. Full of bitter and tart flavor lemons lend...

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Get to Know Quinn from Reformation Acres

This Month's Teacher Spotlight Homesteading is of great interest to our community, in fact in one form or another, it's what Rootsy is all about. This month, we are honored to present a teacher whose experience and background will highlight the work, challenges, and...

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15+ Organizing Hacks for the New Year

Life gets hectic. It gets stressful, and it gets cluttered. Organizing your home can be overwhelming, but thanks to these Organizing Hacks for the New Year, it doesn't have to be. Check out these great ideas for organizing your home, your garden, your kitchen,...

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Beginner’s Guide to Roasting Chestnuts

When it comes to fall and winter holidays, seasonal eating abounds.  Yes, buffet tables are loaded down with pumpkin pies, sweet potato casseroles, cranberry relishes, roasted Brussels sprouts, and other delectables. But once the turkey carcass lies in ruins and the...

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Join Rootsy to Make those 2017 Goals Come True

Rootsy is opening its doors on January 1st! If 2017 is the year in which you want to get organized, do some gardening, raise backyard chickens, get involved with a simple living and DIY community, and build the foundation of the life you most want to achieve, then...

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How to make lined zippered pouches

Even in our digital age many people still use cash for certain things, like groceries, gasoline and clothes. It's a great way to stay on budget, but there are challenges too. Using these handmade zippered pouches will help you to keep your budget organized. Our family...

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Meal Planning When Things Are Crazy

Everyone has those crazy times of life. It might be for just a few days or a week, or it could be for much longer depending on what the source of the crazy is. Sometimes all you can do is hold on and try to survive.  And sometimes it's during a long crazy season that...

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