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DIY Upcycled Chicken Coop

As chicken keepers, we all daydream of our ideal chicken setup.  An acreage with plenty of space for the flock to free-range (and it is predator-free). A variety of chicken breeds so the egg basket will display a natural rainbow of colors. And for the comfort of the...

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Upcycle Found Items into Garden Pots

Gardening can be an expensive hobby, fun, but expensive. If you hope to raise enough food for your family it can be difficult to find space suitable for growing large quantities of vegetables. Use these ideas to turn your upcycle items into garden pots. You’ll be...

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The Low Cost Kitchen

Whether we're starting out in our first apartment or expanding our cooking skills, we need to stock our kitchen with the essential equipment. In some cases that equipment can be expensive investments that lifetime. In many cases, however; secondhand shopping can...

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Providing Supplemental Chicken Coop Lighting

If you keep chickens, you have experienced the ebb and flow of egg production.  Spring and summer are the glory days.  These are the peak months where every hen is laying like a champ. But with the arrival of autumn, sunlight hours begin to wane, we see egg production...

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DIY Chicken Wire Memo Board

When we painted our daughters' room about four years ago, both girls wanted a lot of color. Since our oldest was 13 at the time, I tried to not be too much of a downer and so I allowed more color than I really wanted. It turned out to be beautiful and was just what...

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Herbal Solutions for Your Chickens

If you're getting into backyard chickens, there's a good chance a large portion of your decision is because you care about the food you're consuming. Maybe it's the fact that grocery store eggs can be several weeks old and washed in bleach when you bring them...

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Thinking About Homesteading? Rootsy Founders Weigh In

At the very foundation of Rootsy is simple living and homesteading. Our founding Team all homestead around the United States and all began striving for a simple life for various reasons. Maybe you're thinking about homesteading too. Read each of their stories and...

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Seasonal Eating in Winter

Living in a four-season climate, one of my biggest challenges as a passionate locavore is seasonal eating in winter. Although we do grow kale and other hardy greens under low tunnels well into the early winter, and although our root cellar is put to great use as a...

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10 Herbs for Every Kitchen Garden

You'll be surprised what you can create with just 10 herbs  Seasoning and flavoring our favorite recipes with herbs and spices is mostly a matter of personal taste. We choose harmonious flavors by tasting and smelling as we cook. It’s even better if the fresh flavors...

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